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[1THING] Blog: Archive for October, 2016

[ New tool shows air pollution threats to 74,000+ living near public lands in six western states ]

Sarah Graddy

A new online tool released today by The Wilderness Society and Earthworks shows that at least 74,000 people in six western states live within a half-mile of active oil and gas wells on public lands, leading to increased risks of cance

[ Response to Interior Department announcement regarding better collaboration for New Mexico’s Historic Chaco Canyon region ]

Jennifer Dickson

According to the agency, this is the first time the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Farmington Field Office and the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) Navajo Regional Office will jointly conduct an analysis of management in the area that covers both public and tribal lands.  


[ Coastal crisis, conflicting ideas: How a complex restoration plan found success ]

Diverse stakeholders, some of whom did not see eye to eye on sediment diversions, hammered out recommendations for a massive coastal recovery project.


[ What Michael Pollan gets wrong about Big Ag ]

Those who paint large-scale farmers and agribusiness as a monolithic villain ignore improvements that are being made today on the ground, in corporate offices and in food company kitchens.


[ Cutting carbon pollution from aviation: A major breakthrough years in the making ]

After years of hard, behind-the-scenes work, it’s the first-ever cap on carbon pollution from a major, global industry.


[ Guest blog: Bringing the mountains home ]


[ This water utility is mapping lead service lines – and is asking property owners to fill in data gaps ]

DC Water's interactive engages home owners and businesses to determine if aging service pipes have been replaced. It could be a model for the rest of America.


[ Report: Coal mining on public lands to cost trillions in climate damages over next 5 years ]

Americans could face $150 trillion in climate change-related damages due to the burning of coal if the federal coal leasing program is not reformed immediately, according to the new Wilderness Society

[ 16 Hispanic heritage spots on public lands ]

[ New TWS report: Coal reform ‘Can’t Wait’ ]

Anastasia Greene

The We Can’t Wait” report shows how outdated leasing guidelines, which cost taxpayers $62 million each year and create mounting environmental threats and cleanup costs, r