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[1THING] Blog: Archive for June, 2016

[ Troubling court decision undermines BLM’s ability to regulate hydraulic fracturing ]

A recent ruling by U.S.


[ President Obama to recognize Stonewall, 1st LGBT rights national monument ]

[ Fix to the wildfire budget crisis is missing from Senate funding bill ]

Kate Mackay

The Wilderness Society released the following statement from Lydia Weiss, Government Relations Director for Lands, regarding the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s consideration of the


[ Reporter Memo: Draft legislation misses the mark for wildfire response and management ]

Kate Mackay

The severity of this problem is magnified by drastic underfunding; forcing the U.S. Forest Service to drain funds from essential programs such as fuel reduction, recreation and stewardship towards emergency fire suppression.

[ We just got the biggest environmental law in a generation ]

Activists and consumers helped spur the reforms President Obama signed into law today.


[ New White House report sheds light on need for fair share from energy ]

The report from the Council on Economic Advisers (CEA), the team of economists that advises the White House, makes the case that American taxpayers are not getting a fair sh


[ What we know – and don’t know – about toxic wastewater from the oil and gas industry ]

More wastewater from hydraulic fracturing and other oil and gas operations may soon be discharged above ground. New research will help shed light on how to better manage such practices.


[ Hidden treasures: America’s rainforests ]

If you are like most Americans, the word “rainforest” probably conjures up images of the Congo or Amazon—teeming jungles far from home.


[ Report: Recreation on Interior land supported $45 billion in economic output, 400,000 jobs in 2015 ]

[ New forest policy will help more Americans enjoy our great outdoors ]

Michael Reinemer

“With the backdrop of President and his family visiting two iconic outdoor landmarks this weekend, we applaud new guidelines from the U.S.