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[1THING] Blog: Archive for January, 2016

[ Renewable energy reforms must be finalized this year ]

For centuries, coal, oil and gas has dominated energy development on public lands. The results have been significant pollution and a checkered history of leasing decisions putting development at odds with the stewardship of wildlife, wildlands and recreational opportunities.


[ Modernizing oil and gas ]

Modernizing oil and gas

Much of the oil and gas produced in America comes from wildlands overseen by the federal government under outdated policies and guidance.


[ Advancing clean energy ]

Advancing clean energy

America’s public lands will continue to play an important role in fighting climate change and the transition to cleaner, renewable energy like wind and solar, but wildlands suffer when energy isn't developed in smart ways and in appropriate places.


[ Historic step pauses coal leasing on public lands ]

On Jan.


[ Methane Waste on Public Lands ]

Jan 15, 2016

Methane Waste on Public Lands – Factsheet

[ The Wilderness Society’s reaction to Secretary Jewell’s announcement today on reforming the federal coal program ]

Anastasia Greene

“Today, Secretary Jewell answered a call to action from communities across the nation by taking the first meaningful steps in a generation to fix a broken federal coal program.

[ Wilderness Society Statement on President’s State of the Union Address: Focus on Climate, Energy, Public Lands ]

Michael Reinemer

President Obama has done more for climate than any other president in history, and tonight he signaled his intention to align decisions about energy development on our shared lands with the nation’s climate goals to ensure America’s public resources are part of the solution.

[ State of the Wild 2016: What we need to achieve this year ]

In 2015, we celebrated a number of major conservation victories while continuing to combat a small group of ideological opponents to public land protection.


[ Poll: Westerners support presidential land protection, oppose state takeovers ]

In the bipartisan poll, versions of which are sponsored annually by the Colorado College State of the Rockies project, 80 percent of voters in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah a


[ Outdated rates for energy development severely undervaluing public lands ]

Anastasia Greene

The Wilderness Society’s new report, Outdated and Undervaluedtells the story of how low royalty payments from the oil, gas and coal industry have been